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Los Altos, CA.
President, Founder
1986 - Present

Mr. Klein founded The Chatham Group, a consulting firm specializing in complex problems of technology related business and litigation issues. As President, Mr. Klein participates in all matters relating to intellectual property litigation, patent litigation, trade secrets, copyright, insurance claims, antitrust actions, breach of contract, legal malpractice, damage evaluation, market assessment and mergers and acquisitions, among others. Issues have included semiconductors, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, office-automation, and regulatory matters.

In addition to managing the firm's activities, Mr. Klein has personally acted as a technical consultant and/or expert witness in a broad range of issues, which include:

• Patent infringement in semiconductor manufacturing equipment
• Performance dispute regarding a mini-computer based MRP II software product
• Development and introduction of a UNIX based software product
• Trade secrets in a chip-set product
• Copyright infringement regarding "Look and Feel"
• Copyright infringement regarding an IBM BIOS
• Performance dispute regarding an IBM AS/400
• Derivative work claim on an IBM Mainframe software system
• Patent infringement regarding CCD devices
• Patent infringement of semiconductor devices EEPROM, PLA, FPLA's
• Patent infringement regarding DRAMs, SRAMs, and Microprocessors
• Breach of Contract regarding development of an advanced telecommunication system
• Allegations regarding damages due to a Computer Virus
• Damage allegations due to a Computer "Hacker"
• Insurance claims due to fire in a semiconductor fabrication area
• Product damages resulting from a defective semiconductor device
• Breach of contract in a disk-drive development
• Patent infringement regarding disk drives and storage sub-systems
• Patent and copyright infringement in a cellular telephone product
• Copyright infringement on PC based software products
• Misrepresentation in the acquisition of technology
• Custom and practices in the computer and high-technology industry relating to management, engineering and marketing
• Clean Room investigations for infringement and feasibility analysis
• Theft of trade secrets in a telecommunications software product
• Patent infringement analysis for interactive video apparatus
• Patent infringement in a telecommunications voice-processing apparatus
• Trademark infringement in semiconductor products
• Breach of contract in a major information system implementation; allegation of fraud and theft of trade secrets
• Investigation and analysis of major software ERP system implementation failures
• Actions resulting from the failure of the implementation of major software systems

Additional consulting activities include performing due diligence for venture capital firms and advising a multitude of companies, including a San Jose based telecommunications company in the negotiations with a major Japanese company for the joint development of a new voice-processing computer, an Eastern venture capital firm and MIT on the development of a large-scale flat-panel display technology, a Regional Bell Operating Company on strategic plans and tariffs, a San Jose based semiconductor company on product/market and business strategies for a group of newly developed technologies, a major venture capital firm on the business strategy for a start-up in advanced computer/communication products, a company in the development of advanced telecommunications software products, a major semiconductor company on strategy for new technology and a company engaged in the development of client/server design tools, among others.

Silicon Valley, CA.
Co-Founder, Member Board of Directors
2000 - Present

Mr. Klein co-founded this company, which is engaged in the evaluation and commercialization of intellectual property.


Silicon Valley, CA.
Co-Founder, CEO
1999 - Present

Vienna, Virginia
Lecturer on Intellectual Property and Strategic Planning, Member of the Faculty
1998 - Present

Keen Innovations, Inc. is a consulting firm under the direction of Dr. Peter G. W. Keen providing strategic consulting services to companies worldwide.

Sunnyvale, CA.
Vice-President, Marketing, Co-Founder
May 1982 - March 198

Mr. Klein co-founded Cygnet Technologies, Inc. to develop the first integrated voice-data workstation for IBM PC's. During his tenure, he was responsible for product development of the user interface and defining user requirements for hardware and software. Software development included a unique operating system for coprocessor architecture and the development of over 10 application packages. Mr. Klein directed the development of all user documentation, service and support activities. He also directed successful market entry and creation of a national sales organization through computer retailers, major interconnect distributors, telephone companies and direct to major accounts and government. The product was the leader in the industry for creating electronic mail and file transfer networks for geographically dispersed organizations. The product received numerous awards for innovation in the field. Five U.S. Patents were issued on company products. Mr. Klein was the co-patentee on 2 issued patents. Everex Corporation acquired Cygnet in 1986.

EXXON ENTERPRISES, INC (Division of Exxon Corporation)

Qyx Intelligent Typewriter Division of Exxon Enterprises

Lionville, PA.
Vice-President, Marketing
Dec. 1976 - Jan. 1982
Dec. 1976-Dec.1979

Mr. Klein was a member of the development team to create the first electronic typewriter/desktop word processor. He directed product development and marketing strategy. The product was the first microprocessor based software system of its kind. System included a multiprocessor architecture requiring unique hardware and software developments. Product received international recognition as a breakthrough in technology and received numerous awards. Built marketing organization for HQ support. This included planning, pricing, advertising, training, technical support, product planning and field engineering. Mr. Klein directed creation of a national direct sales coverage organization in 36 major markets reaching 1000 personnel. He was a Member of the Executive Committee responsible for planning and building a 200,000 sq. foot modern manufacturing facility. Mr. Klein achieved $100mm sales rate by end 1979, before QYX division was merged into Exxon Office Systems.

Danbury Systems Division of Exxon Enterprises
Danbury, CT.
Jan. 1980 - Nov. 1980

Mr. Klein took over as CEO of troubled venture responsible for ink jet printer development. He turned the venture from an out-of-control to a successful product. Implemented strategic direction and put new management in place. The company launched a successful product for the computer market and had applied for 17 patents. Acquired by Dataproducts Corp. in 1987.

Verbex Corporation (Exxon Controlled)
Boston, MA.
Member of the Board of Directors
1980 -1981

Mr. Klein represented Exxon Enterprises as major stockholder on company board of directors. The company was leader in development of voice-recognition hardware and software technology. Mr. Klein was actively involved in advising the company. The company was ultimately spun out and the chief technologists went on to form Dragon Systems, a world leader in speech recognition.

Exxon Office Systems, Division of Exxon Enterprises
Stamford, CT.
Special Adviser to the President, Exxon Office Systems
Feb. 1981 - Dec.1981

Mr. Klein was responsible for directing the negotiation of major facsimile product agreement between Exxon and Sharp Corporation (Japan). He personally directed businesses plan developments and did all major negotiating in Japan for Exxon Office Systems.

Technology & Components Group of Exxon Enterprises
Group Executive
New York, NY
Jan. 1980 - Jan. 1982

In this capacity, Mr. Klein was responsible for overseeing companies in Flat Panel Displays, requiring closing of one division and selling the technology and directing and focusing another division to a successful technology development. He was also responsible for advising companies in optical disks, semiconductor laser diodes, advanced PABX, Voice-Response systems, large-scale voice-mail/hi-speed datacom, advanced workstation hardware and software systems.

Rye, NY.
Jan. 1970 - Dec. 1976
Vice-President and General Manager, Telecommunications Division

At Dictaphone, Mr. Klein was responsible for creating and building the division into a market leader. He had total responsibility for product engineering, manufacturing and dealer and direct marketing. Dictaphone produced a broad line of products ranging from telephone answering machines, announcers, and central dictation equipment. Mr. Klein's duties also included logging recorders, studio recording equipment and other ancillary telephone equipment. Division was consistently a market leader and was fastest growing and most profitable.

Vice-President, International
1974 -1976

As Vice-President, Mr. Klein was responsible for world distribution of system products, dealer networks in Mexico, Latin America, South America, Japan, and Australia. He had special responsibility for the Far East (Japan) manufacturing partners. He also had special responsibility for telecommunication products in Europe.

Notably, Mr. Klein served as a key member of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) subcommittee. Mr. Klein developed telecommunications industry and interconnect regulations. He was an industry expert witness in regulatory proceedings, which lead to the deregulation of the telecommunications industry.

El Segundo, CA.
Founder, President, CEO
1966 -1970

At Ansafone, Mr. Klein and his company created one of the first commercial telephone answering systems. Ansafone developed the product, raised venture capital, arranged manufacturing in Japan with major company; developed a direct and dealer sales organization in USA and Canada. The company was acquired by Dictaphone Corporation.

North Hollywood, California
Applications Engineer and Sales Operations Manager

Mr. Klein was an applications engineer and later managed the field organization for the manufacturers' representative company. The company was a pioneer in high technology, military and commercial, components and sub-systems for the computer, aerospace and defense industry. Mr. Klein worked with military and defense contractors in California, Arizona and Nevada. The company was a pioneer in semiconductor products, microwave, computer components, discrete electronics, sub systems and peripherals.

Canoga Park, California
Engineer, Advanced Design Projects Group

Mr. Klein was a design engineer on advanced projects, deep space missions and the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) propulsion system. While at Rocketdyne, he performed design analysis, cryogenic and thermodynamic analysis, computer modeling and computer simulation. The LEM engine is on display at The Smithsonian in Washington DC.


B.S.M.E., University of Southern California
Honor Graduate (Cum Laude). Elected to Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma Honor Societies awarded General Alumni Scholarship, Garrett Corporation Scholarship, Machinery Handbook Award.
Dean's List, elected to University Honor Societies. Graduated at top of Class.

Graduate School, University of Southern California
Graduate studies in engineering and business, grade 4.0

Rocketdyne Division of North American Rockwell

Computer Modeling and Simulation, Programming Courses
Management Training School

Hamilton Institute
Certificate Degree in Business Administration
Sponsored by North American Rockwell

Law School, La Salle University

Completed 1 1/2 years. Passed California Jr. Bar Exam

American Management Association Courses

Computer Systems Technology and Systems Analysis
Bayesian Decision Analysis
Macroeconomics and Company Planning

Exxon Corporation
Selected for Exxon Management School Program
Computer Analysis and Computer Aided Management School
Consulting Skills Program

Professional Society Seminar Programs
Attended numerous professional programs in computer hardware and software, semiconductor technology and management subjects

Admitted to Practice before The United States Patent and Trademark Office as a Patent Agent, Registration No. 35,222


6 United States Patents issued
Additional Patents Pending
Over 40 invited papers and presentations (listed upon request).


• IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
• Computer Law Association
• ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
• PATCA (Professional and Technical Consultants Association)
• Bar Association of San Francisco Forensic Register
• California State Bar Association Intellectual Property Section
• Project Management Institute
• National Forensic Center Distinguished Experts Register
• Listed in Martindale-Hubbell Directory since 1990
• Listed in Prentice-Hall Directory of Intellectual Property Attorneys
• The Internet Society of the IEEE
• SPIE (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation and Engineering)
• The Computer History Museum
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